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Educating Children for the Kingdom of God

As a classical academy our mission is the same mission given to us by Jesus to go forth and educate children for the Kingdom of God. By taking the secular model of education we reorient it back to what education is supposed to be about, the discovery of the good, the true and the beautiful.

Our school is a K-8 classical grade school focused on the formation of our students both academically and spiritually. This is accomplished by challenging our students to grow in all aspects of their lives, intellectually, morally, emotionally, and physically.

Our vision is that St. John Paul II Classical Academy create an environment where each child is confident in who God created them to be. We desire each child to form an intentional relationship with God and their peers, as the fulfillment of the greatest commandment; To love God with their whole heart, mind and soul, and their neighbor as themselves.


We seek to build habits of inquiry regarding the most fundamental questions in life, who am I and what’s my purpose. Instead of focusing on memorization and repetition, we challenge students to interpret the world around them through their unique perspectives and to arrive at solutions that help them to see their place in God’s created universe.

Our Mission and Vision: About Us
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